Holy Wisdom Inclusive Catholic Community    



Holy Wisdom community members are committed to serving their brothers and sisters locally

and around the world.  

Here are some of our ministries:


HOLY WISDOM cooks and serves dinner on the first Monday of every month at The Community

Kitchen in Olympia. We prepare a home cooked meal from scratch, serving meatloaf from locally

raised beef and organic vegetables from local organic farms and HW Community Members' home

gardens. We also decorate the tables with fresh cut flowers. 


When someone is suffering due to illness, loss, or other struggles, a prayer shawl or

quilt is a tangible way of letting that person know they are being held in prayer.  Holy

Wisdom Community Members provide prayer shawls and quilts to those in need. 

Those making prayer shawls pray for the one who will receive the shawl with every

stitch and the shawl is blessed by the community before it is given. Prayer quilts are

made with long threads tied to the fabric.  Members of our community bless these

quilt by tying knots in the threads, each knot, a promise of prayer for the recipient

who is in need of support. 

If you'd like to create a prayer shawl for others, you are invited to join the

prayer shawl ministry. Contact Diane F. with any questions.


Holy Wisdom community members provide foot care to homeless men and women at Drexel

House and the Interfaith Warming Center in Olympia. 

Our Washington Clippers, as they are affectionately known, also travel each year to Los  Angeles

to offer foot care to homeless people on Skid Row as well as train the Catholic Workers there to

do foot care. The Holy Wisdom community offers support to our foot care ministers with dona-

tions of money and supplies. 


At each mass, Holy Wisdom collects white men's socks, size large and extra-large and women's

socks of all kinds  to distribute to the homeless folks we serve. There is always a great need for

these socks.

(June 2017)
Hello Just Housing friends and family!  It's been an exciting week for us with lots and lots of
updates! So here we go....
Houseless Bill of Rights
Over the 3 days of our Houseless Bill of Rights convention we focused on gathering
feedback and ideas from the community regarding the possibility of an Olympia Houseless
Bill of Rights. These are the questions we focused on:
- What should an Olympia Houseless Bill of Rights include?
- What should we take from Houseless Bills of Rights passed in other cities in states? How
should ours be different?
- How should we implement a Houseless Bill of Rights in our community? (i.e state level,
city level, or some other way?)
After 3 days of conversations, questions, and collecting ideas we have decided on a way
forward. Right now, a couple of our unsheltered neighbors are working to update our draft
of a bill of rights with the latest conversations and ideas. Once the draft is updated we will
be sharing it with community, as well as our plans for beginning to implement it in our
community. So be looking out for that update!
What else came out of the event?
Community conversations and networking far and wide!
We had the opportunity to talk to people from other states and communities who are dealing
with similar challenges in their community. Our most exciting connection was one made
with a group from Puyallup that is currently working with the National Law Center on
Homelessness and Poverty to challenge their own city's Survival Ban ordinances. We will be
connecting with them to see how we can collaborate and combine resources/knowledge/
Talking with the governor!
On Friday night, a group of our organizers had the chance to talk with our very own
Governor Inslee. After engaging in some minor direct action at the capitol our unsheltered
neighbors got 7 minutes to share their stories and their challenges with the Governor.
Check it out here!
https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com %
2Ffkshoultz%2Fvideos%2F10158753975010052%2F&show_text=0&width=2 25
Engaging more of the street community
Many of our unsheltered neighbors who haven't had the chance to become more involved in
Just Housing were able to become incredibly engaged over the past few days. We had about
10 folks, all unsheltered, who stayed the entire 72 hours- helping gather feedback from the
community, keeping the event site organized, doing ongoing street outreach, and running
the sleeping site camp at United Churches. This was an event where our unsheltered
neighbors were able to take the lead and run the show. That alone, made this event a huge
turning point and achievement in our movement's history!
Change of focus
We spent a lot of time talking about where we should go from here. The outcome was the
decision to focus our energy and resources on street/camp outreach and organizing, bringing
more of our unsheltered neighbors into the movement. We need our sheltered and housed
neighbors' help to do this!
This is how you can help.
We are looking for people who are willing to:
Use their cars to help people move from encampments when evicted
Use their cars/funds to help with trash pickup and dump runs
Help with camp clean-ups when requested by camp residents
Help make compostable toilets
Please email back if you can help with any of these things!
We are also looking for donations of:
sleeping bags
propane bottles/small propane stoves
first aid kits
tools (hatchets, rakes, shears, shovels)
heavy duty trash bags
rubber gloves
needle-proof gloves
canned food/soups
bottled water
large water jugs
bug spray
hot food
Donations can be dropped off at Drexel House (604 Devoe Street SE). Just let them know
that your donations are for Just Housing.
As always, thank you for your support , your work, and your love for others. The only way
we can move forward is together. Love and solidarity, Tye
Community Kitchen Donations for Dinner
These delicious donations
go toward the upcoming
community kitchen dinner.
Thank You to our Donors!
Thank You to our Volunteers!