Holy Wisdom Inclusive Catholic Community    


We are women and men, children and youth.  We come together as seekers, as learners, and as teachers.We are single, married, divorced, widowed, with families and without families.We are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning people. We know life's up and down and recognize that we all find ourselves in difficult situations in various times in our lives. We value unity over uniformity. We thirst for justice, and we long for peace. We welcome the wisdom of all.We welcome the wisdom of all.All are welcomed, all are included, all are beloved in our Holy Wisdom Community. “We do not convince others by telling them loudly how wrong they are and how right we are. We convince them by showing them a light so lovely they will want with all their hearts to know the source.”  — Madeleine L'Engle

In addition to twice monthly masses, members of the community participate in decision making

at monthly community meetings where they share information, discuss issues and develop ideas.

These meetings take place every month, except December, from September through May.

People new to Holy Wisdom are always welcome to join these gatherings and participate fully

in the life of the community.


Diane S. Whalen
Kathleen Bellefeuille-Rice

If you have any questions about the community or any of the committees, please

and the appropriate community member will answer your questions.  All information shared will be

kept confidential.


At present, four people serve on our Leadership Circle. Diane W, Carie, Kathleen and Diane F meet

monthly to attend to the day to day needs of the HW Community. Our Leadership Circle also facili-

tates community discussions and discernment for more long-term visioning, development of our

mission and engagement with the larger community. We plan to expand the number of people on

Leadership in the near future so as to have greater input from the HW Community in various areas. 


Diane Smith Whalen has experienced a call to priesthood since she was very young.  She pursued

a BA in religious studies, and served as a Jesuit Volunteer.  She married, received her MSW, and

did social work for a few years before becoming a mother to two beautiful daughters.  In 1984,

Diane began companioning individuals and groups in spiritual direction and retreat work.  She

helped develop and staff a program for the formation and ongoing supervision of spiritual direc-

tors as well as initiating a group spiritual direction program.  Besides receiving an MA in ministry

and a D Min. in spiritual direction, she was active in her local parish, serving as a lector, cantor,

teacher/facilitator, and retreat leader.  Diane was ordained to the diaconate in 2009, and to the

priesthood in 2010. One of her greatest joys is serving Holy Wisdom as a priest. She also enjoys

singing, cooking, taking walks, and spending time with her family and friends.

Diane and Kathleen at Kathleen's

Priestly Ordination in May 2014

Kathleen Bellefeuille-Rice has felt called to the priesthood since she was seven years old.  She

received her early formation in radical Catholicism from her time at the Catholic Worker, from

working in her large vegetable garden, and from raising her two children.  Years of training as a

catechist, specializing in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, strengthened her love of scripture,

liturgy, sacraments, and celebration.  In 2013, she received her Masters in Religious Education

from Graduate Theological Foundation.  Kathleen was ordained a deacon on November 3, 2012,

and a priest on May 31, 2014.  She spends her free time doing foot care with homeless people,

cooking dinners at a local soup kitchen, working in her vegetable garden, and backpacking with

her husband Dave.

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As a non-profit, we rely on the kind generousity of our Donors  

We are Holy Wisdom Inclusive Catholic Community.

We Joyfully embrace and live the gospel message

of Jesus with deeply rooted love.